Frequently Asked Questions

faq-imgHow long has The Getchell Agency, Inc. been in operation? What is its history?

The Getchell Agency, Inc. is a privately owned and operated Maine business providing residential and support services to adults with mental retardation and other challenges who qualify under the State of Maine Bureau of Mental Retardation Waiver Program. The agency was established in 1998 by Rena Getchell, President and Chief Executive Officer. Under Ms. Getchell's leadership, the agency has grown from one home serving two consumers to the present day where it operates 35 homes and serves as over 65 consumers at a given time. 

Are the agency's homes licensed?

While only one of our homes is required to be licensed, every home at The Getchell Agency, Inc. operates at a level that is consistent with the highest licensing standard in Maine.

How can prospective guardians learn more about agency' services?

We encourage all prospective consumers and guardians to contact us directly and, even better, to visit us in person. For more information or to schedule a site visit, contact our office at 945-0730 or stop by in person. We are located at 1211 Broadway Avenue in Bangor, Maine.

What is distinctive about The Getchell Agency, Inc.?

At The Getchell Agency, Inc. we provide a "non-institutionalized" look and feel. Each of our homes reflects the consumers who live there. We maintain an open door policy that encourages guardians, relatives, and friends to visit and interact with each consumer as well as our staff and management. Moreover, through a broad selection of agency-sponsored and community-based activities, our consumers are encouraged to become part of the larger community in safe, appropriate and fulfilling ways.

Who will be working directly with my family member? As the guardian will I be able to communicate directly with the staff who are assisting my family member on a daily basis?

We believe in a team approach at The Getchell Agency, Inc. and offer a family atmosphere for each of our consumers. The team we build includes our direct care staff, an extended team of specialized support staff and the Individual Support Coordinator, our management and, most importantly, you! We maintain close contact with each of our guardians not only in regard to all medical, dental, medication and therapy related treatment, but also to help us provide a personalized living environment and community engagement program that optimizes each of our consumer's quality of life.

What kind of training do our employees receive?

Our primary goal is to be the agency of choice for consumers in the Bangor region. We know that achieving this goal on a daily and annual basis rests in large measure on the quality and capabilities of our staff. Accordingly, we invest in the highest standards of staff development and training for each of our employees. Our staff training and development program complies fully with all state standards.