Mission, Vision and Values


The Getchell Agency enhances the lives of individuals with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities by providing residential services and a support system for each individual that optimizes their personal wellbeing and community involvement.


People with disabilities living independent, community enriched lives.


The Getchell Agency encourages the highest professional ideals in each and every one of its employees. The following values guide the agency in the fulfillment of its mission on a daily basis:

  • Person-Centered Support. Our first allegiance is to the consumers we support. Each and every one of our support services, activities and functions flows from this primary allegiance.
  • Respect. We respect the dignity and uniqueness of the people we support and we communicate this value in every aspect of our daily practice.
  • Justice, Fairness & Equity. We affirm the human and civil rights and responsibilities of the people we support.
  • Self Determination. We recognize the autonomy of each individual receiving our support and assist them in leading self directed lives while being attentive and energetic in reducing the risks of harm.
  • Confidentiality. We safeguard and respect the confidentiality and privacy of the people we support.
  • Personal Growth & Wellbeing. We encourage the personal growth and physical and emotional wellbeing of our consumers through the services and supports we provide as well as through meaningful community involvement.
  • Relationships. We actively assist the people we support in development and maintaining relationships within their communities of care, recreation, and general living.
  • Integrity and Responsibility. Our staff are professionals. Through regular training, individualized staff development planning and a rigorous employee appraisal system, we ensure the highest standards of conduct.