Person-Centered Planning

person-centered-planningPerson Centered Planning is the key ingredient of a person focused approach to supporting people to live meaningful lives. It provides endless possibilities when people and their teams come together to make dreams become reality. With the teams input the process can be creative, fulfilling, and bring meaning to individuals lives. The person is always at the center of this team process.

Person Centered Planning is a process based on relationships. It takes a team to make the process work effectively. There are phases to the process that include different conversations on different occasions among different people.

Person Centered Planning is one way of figuring out where someone is going and what kind of support services they need to get there. Part of it is asking the person, their family, friends, and people who work with him or her about the things they want t do and what they can do well.

Planning is a dynamic and continuous process that is always changing. One of the challenges of this process is to honor the person's preferences while making sure all requirements of DHHS are met.

Communication is an essential part of the process, not just with the person but also with the entire planning team.

The planning process consists of five major stages:

  1. Preparation: Understanding the person and their situation, gathering information, encouraging others who know the person to contribute their perceptions and ideas.
  2. Pre-planning: Working with the person/guardian to review information, set priorities, determine an agenda, and invite people to join in the process.
  3. Action planning: Identifying needs and desires and developing action steps to accomplish goals. Action planning is often done in a team meeting. Action planning can also be done through a series of conversations with different people.
  4. Quality Assurance: Making sure the documentation meets standards and requirements.
  5. Implementation and monitoring: Following through on action steps, checking progress and revising the plan as necessary.

At The Getchell Agency, Inc. we are committed to the person centered planning philosophy and process as a major part of the services we provide. If you would like to find out more about person centered planning, please feel free to contact Susan James, PCP/Quality Assurance Coordinator at 945-0747.