My husband and I looked at several local agencies before deciding to go with The Getchell Agency, Inc. Once we saw the homes and met the staff we knew that The Getchell Agency was the only right choice.


My daughter came to The Getchell Agency, Inc. for respite eight years ago and never wanted to leave. Her life is so full of community and social activities, that she asked me to call before visiting because she may be too busy to see me. I am so pleased that she has such a full life.


It brings us great joy to see our son so happy and well cared for. We feel very fortunate to be a part of the Getchell Family.


My daughter is in this agency. There is not a better one in the state. She gets the best care possible and she has many needs due to her disability. The Getchell Agency, Inc. makes sure that the homes are properly staffed and that there are many outings and fun activities for the residents. Believe me, we have seen many agencies and none are as wonderful as The Getchell Agency, Inc.


There is definitely no better agency than The Getchell Agency, Inc. They do everything to make the consumers that live in the homes feel a part of a family and the whole agency feels like one big family! We love this agency! They are head and shoulders above other agencies in the area. I have never seen such compassion, concern and love in any other supported living situation.